How To Clear Eustachian Tubes

I get plenty of emails asking for help or a little more explanation. I usually simply respond in the email but the other day I received the following message from Yvonne:

Blocked Sinuses And Eustachian Tubes

“4 years ago I was sick and my ears were clogged (never had clogged
ears before). When the cold was gone my ears were still clogged and
made noise. Headaches on sides of head from pressure. Was told I had
Eustachian tube dysfunction. Tried decongestants and nasal sprays.
Didn’t help. Tried 5 days of my son’s antibiotic and my ears were like
normal. Unfortunately it came back immediately. Have tried several
antibiotics and no others have helped. Unfortunately don’t know the
name of the one that did help. I discovered I could open my mouth to
alleviate pressure in my ear and now I have major jaw and neck issues.
I’ve tried heat and ice. It helps but doesn’t get rid of and the pain
on the sides of my head is driving me crazy. Have seen tmj quacks and
several chiropractors and they can’t help either. Can you offer me any
help? No one can seem to answer the question why did my ears clear up
after the one antibiotic?”

The reason I’m answering this one is because it seems to be one sinus issue that never goes away and drives people everywhere crazy. Eustachian tube blockage and pressure is what got me started on my path to relieve sinus congestion and learn about the sinuses.

How To Clear Blocked Sinuses And Eustachian Tubes

Now to Yvonne’s problem. Eustachian tubes can be incredibly problematic and you might be suffering from adult glue ear, which might need an operation to cure. However, before we try that let’s look at why the antibiotics and nasal sprays might not be helping.

Nasal sprays usually only send out a tiny amount of liquid to dry up the sinuses (if they actually do manage to reach up that far). The Eustachian tubes, in your case of having Eustachian tube dysfunction, probably won’t be opening properly causing a pressure build up, as you noted. At this point, nasal sprays are not going to help to clear away the mass of gunk that is clogging up your ears, you’ll need something more heavy duty. For a long time I tried using neti pots and squeeze bottles. Instead of that, I would move straight on to something more heavy duty. Check out the SinuPulse Sinus Irrigation System. You don’t need to buy their pre-made sachets. Simply load it up with some rock salt and baking soda (it might take a few tries to get the right amount so that you feel comfortable). I fully recommend nasal irrigation machines and the SinuPulse has done a great job for me. Please note that this is what I personally did. It is not usually recommended to get water into the actual Eustachian tubes. I personally tried to get the solution up in there and it helped. However, getting solution up there can cause the solution to get stuck and cause more problems. If your find liquid cannot drain out, then it is best to stop, move your jaw around and allow the liquid to drain out before trying again.

Another great piece of equipment for clearing fluid from Eustachian tubes, relieving pressure, improving hearing, reducing / eliminating tinnitus and all around inner and middle ear health is the EarPopper. It works by pushing a steady stream of air through your nostril into your sinuses. When you swallow, that air gets diverted up, into the Eustachian tubes and causes them to literally, ‘pop’. It’s getting great results across the board and has helped clear up a huge array of ear and Eustachian tube problems.

Regarding the antibiotics. The initial antibiotics may have cleared up the infection, which could have given you an brief respite. However, the problem is really the gunk that is simply trapped up inside your Eustachian tubes. Antibiotics cannot clear that and what’s more, the problem may no longer be bacterial in nature anyway.

You are probably wondering about sinus pressure points. While they can certainly help, I haven’t managed to get the pressure points on their own to completely clear out Eustachian tubes. However, that isn’t to say that massage and external manipulation cannot work for Eustachian tube problems. One thing you can try that I have seen work in the past is Cranio Sacral Therapy.

You will want to cut down on any food that produces mucus, so try eliminating sugar entirely from your diet, even natural sugars until you’re all cleared up. In fact, you’ll want to cut out all wheat and try going on a raw vegan diet, meaning no dairy products at all as well. If you can’t go raw, you can still cook your food but the body can react to cooked food badly, especially if the majority of your diet is cooked. So, if you need to have cooked food in your diet, try making the majority of your food raw. Also, make sure that what you’re putting into your body is organic and GM free. This isn’t for everyone and perhaps it’s hard to keep it up, but just try it out while you’re trying to get your Eustachian tubes clear.

I hope that helps to get rid of your problem Yvonne and anyone else reading this with the same or similar problems. Please let me and other people reading this by posting your thoughts, what has worked for you and success stories in the comments below. Please try to keep it to long term Eustachian tube blockages although it can certainly be relevant to general sinus blockages and the advice I’ve listed will apply to any sinus blockage.

If you have found information on Sinus Pressure Points useful, get a copy of

The Sinus Guide: 30 Days To Complete Sinus Freedom

  • Hi

    Im now trying the neti pot after attempting nasal spray after nasal spray to undo the blocking of my right side sinuses and right ear. Im just wondering why you dont think the neti pot works? Im only in my second week of using it, and will keep trying. I also will try cutting dairy and sugar out of my diet too.

    • Hey Emma. I certainly think the neti pot can work. However, I’m talking about some fairly heavy duty and stubborn blockages here and this is largely down to my experience and those of people I have spoken to who have had similar issues. Neti pots have been great for maintenance and can be less invasive than pressurized options. Hopefully neti pots work for you.

      Certainly cutting out dairy and sugar is a great option. Cut out all sources of inflammation and also try anti inflammatory foods such as turmeric.

      Good luck Emma

      • Thanks! Yeah I only use water that has been boiled and then cooled down – I heard some terrible things about what water can do if it reaches your brain!
        Thanks for the reply – you’ve got a great website here for sinus sufferers 🙂

        • Barbara

          I don’t think it’s the water getting to your brain that causes the problem. It’s my understanding that it’s an amoeba that’s IN the water that causes the problem with the brain.

  • Rose


    This is the first time I heard about Eustachian Tubes and had no idea it was linked to sinus pressure. I had sinus surgery about 4 years now, I got much better since I was diagnosed with Sphenoid Chronic sinusitis. However, the problem seems to be coming back and when I went back to the doctor, he told me the surgery was succesful and that this could’ve been another issue. Seeking for help, I tried another ENT doctor, and I agreed to to another CT scan, when he read it, he said he saw something there, but that it could’ve been an infection. He did not want to give me antibiotics and he said to wait a few days and see. I got better, but my infections seem to be recurrent and the affect the back of the eyes giving terrible headaches and pain. I was just trying the pressure points to see if it helps, I have tried all kind of home remedies as well. Any advice to relieve the pressure behind the eyes besides the pressure points? I will try this more often since they seem to help but in my case, could it be a major issue such as the Eustachian Tubes?

    • Hey Rose,

      While in my experience Eustachian tube dysfunction has not manifested itself in pain behind the eyes (that is a big symptom of sphenoid sinusitis as you mentioned) If you are getting recurring infections, you may wish to clear the problem out. This might simply be gunk stuck there, which festers and creates on going problems. You may also consider doing a total detox on organic green juices and try a parasite cleanse. I’ll do a write about this very soon as it has helped me and many I know with countless chronic problems.

      • Rose

        Thanks for your quick response. I’ve been trying natural kale juices with green apples, as well as oregano oil, which I read it’s very good, mixed with water, but not sure if this would help my situation. I can say I was doing pretty good after the surgery, but I still got the sinus pressure from time to time, only that this one has been the worst after my surgery. I am at home now since I couldn’t go to work, with body aches and headaches, trying to drink lots of fluids to see if this finally goes away, and booked an appointment with my surgeon again for his opinion, although last time I saw him he seemed to be tired of hearing my complains claiming his surgery was successful and that this could be another issue.

        • If you can stomach it, try a no sugar green juice for a while and simply go on an all juice diet. Oregano oil certainly helped with my sinus problems. I would definitely try the parasite cleanse regardless. Trust me you have no idea what is living inside you and where! They can cause huge problems!

          That seems to be a big problem with specialists especially in surgery!

          Basically, ‘If you can’t cut it out or stick it to something, it’s not my problem!’

          You could also look into CST (cranio sacral therapy) which has helped those I know to overcome chronic pain and also sinus problems. It is or was a form of osteopathy, which takes a more holistic look at the body than surgeons and even GPs at times. A regular osteopath might be a good route as well if that involves fixing your posture if it is out.

          I hope I’ve been able to help even a little Rose. Take care and let us know how it goes.

          • Rose

            The green juice idea sounds very interesting. Does this man only green juice, or adding green juice to the diet? It might be difficult to go on an only green juice diet but what you say makes a lot of sense with the parasites. I am willing to try anything at this point. You have been a lot of help. Thank you!

          • If I were you I would bite the bullet and try only juice. Keep in mind that juicing is not really fasting as you’re actually getting an overload of nutrients. Make sure to only use organic vegetables wherever possible. You could also try a strict water fast as well. In my personal experience they are absolutely super at ridding the body of toxins. Tough for the first 2 – 3 days but if you can make it to 10 days or beyond solely on water, it can change your life. Have a look into the documentary fat, sick and nearly dead (I’m not saying you’re any of those) for a nice, light hearted introduction into juice fasting. I believe you can find it online for free.

          • Kirby Schroeder

            Parasite cleanse? Are there supposed to be parasites up in your sinuses?? Your Eustacian tubes? Bacteria are one thing, but parasites are another category of creature and as far as I know the human sinuses and Eustacian aren’t probable locations for parasites to inhabit. I am open to being shown otherwise, however.

  • Brian M

    Finally – Help!!
    After reading your article, I decided to try some new tricks to help my sinus/jaw problem. It started several years back with a sinus pressure problem that seemed to settle in my jaw. I figured it was an abscessed tooth, so I went to the local dentist to see if they could determine any problem. The dentist on call that day did an examination and thought I might have a cracked tooth, but it didn’t show up. She asked that I come back the next day and get an opinion from another dentist. He started straight in on a root canal. I wasn’t happy about it, and pretty sure it wasn’t the problem. Long story short, it didn’t help. My wife has been pursuing natural medicine for some time, so I went down that path with her. I went to a dentist in SLC to get my mercury fillings removed, which could have contributed to the problem as well. I also learned of the electrical affluence from dissimilar metals in my mouth, mercury fillings and gold crown on the root canal tooth. The mercury was removed, but the jaw/sinus problem not abated. I got a cone scan of my head, and it showed heavy blockage in my sinus. He thought I should see an ENT doctor. I did, and he found a polyp in that area of my sinus. I underwent surgery to remove the polyp which left a section of my lip and cheek numb. I could feel better air flow, but still issues. It was getting to the point now that my jaw would pop or crack like knuckles and a feeling of mucous going down my sinus to my throat. Sometimes it would pop hard and send a tingling or shooting pain in through my ear. I was at yet another dentist, this time a holistic natural type, and of course my jaw didn’t pop when trying to show him. He wanted (and I agreed) to get the dead tissue out of my body, so we removed the root canal tooth. I’m glad to have it gone, but still no relief with the jaw. I have tried nasal rinses, massages, steam, essential oils, and about everything else that I could try. There didn’t seem to be any relief.
    After reading this, I gave it one more shot. I use a Neil Sinus nasal rinse that I got from Costco. I put a couple of essential oil blends on the salt (we use Young Living EO) and mixed it with water. I held the opposite nostril closed with my finger, and used the squirt bottle to pressurize my sinus. It was somewhat painful and I don’t know how hazardous, but the pain and popping was exactly in the same spot at what happens with a severe jaw pop. I did this just before bed, and I could feel the area draining while laying in bed. I’m happy to say it has been over a week, and I haven’t had to pop my jaw again. If I feel a little pressure, I plug my nose and gently blow to open up the tubes again, and I am good to go. Thanks for your website, hope others have success as well.

    • Hi Miner,

      That’s a tough but ultimately happy story. The squirt bottle can be good. Neti pots are also great and it looks like you used that as well. Essential oils are great. Diluted apple cider vinegar can be nice as well. Be careful putting too much pressure with the squeeze bottle. Once it is clear, you should be able to go back to using a neti-pot. If it comes back, let me know and I’ll do my best to help you out.

  • Mac Ruffing

    Hello SPP –
    I’ve been dealing with chronic sinus infections for around 20 years (maybe one or two per year). I would be given a Z-pac and they would clear up. My seemingly constant sinus issues started in August 2011 when I started feeling “disjointed” or “out of sorts”, but I did not know the cause. It got so bad that I went to the ER to make sure it wasn’t heart related, which it wasn’t. I was given Lorazepam (which I’m still on) for the anxiety triggered by this. Felt better for a few days but the feeling came back. Had to go to a Minute Clinic and I had another infection. I can go on, but here’s the long story short: I’ve seen four ENT’s, have been tested for vertigo (negative), hearing test (good), two CT scans, two MRI’s (nothing abnormally wrong, like a tumor), deviated septum surgery in 2012 (didn’t correct symptoms I was having), have been on several antibiotics (which I don’t think help me anymore), as well as Flonaise and OTC nasal sprays , have tried allergy shots, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments (which do help, sometimes), and have used the squeeze bottle type of netti-pot, but it doesn’t reach to where it needs to go, and I get very little, if any, discharge, and it’s rarely green.
    About half the time, I have fullness in the left ear and the area of my head behind it, pressure and mild pain (sometimes) under and left of my left eye. I don’t know if it’s a Eustachian tube issue because I can pop both ears. I think that I’ve got gunk that is trapped deep somewhere in the left side of my face (the right side is fine) and is just sitting there festering. Could it be a fungus (where antibiotics don’t help), or a parasite, or something else? I also have had had these visual “auras” that last for 10-15 minutes. I hear these are related to migraine headaches, but I don’t have headache “pain”. Could sinus issues trigger auras like it triggers my anxiety at times? I’ve read on your website about detoxing (how?), doing a parasite cleanse (how?), getting a SinuPulse Elite cleaner, and using goldenseal root and diluted apple cider vinegar when doing a rinse (with the pulse cleaner?).
    Also, I’m allergic to cats and we have one, though he won’t be going anytime soon. The shots I had for a few months didn’t help with my sinus issues, so I stopped. I’ve cut out a lot (but not all) of sugar and am eating better, and drinking tons of water daily. I work out four times a week to trim up and have lost 12 pounds since Oct ’15 and want to lose another 13 or so.
    I’m open to any suggestions you may have to finally get rid of this chronic, nagging, and anxiety triggering sinus issue. By the way, I’m going to a fifth ENT later today. Thank you, MAC

    • Hi MAC,

      Sorry for a late reply. My alerts system doesn’t seem to be working perfectly. I’m glad I’ve finally found your comment. I’ll try to go over your points as best I can.

      It’s good to know you don’t have any extreme physical issues with your sinuses. Your Eustachian tube on your left hand side appears to be malfunctioning. This is likely due to the tube itself being chronically inflamed. This can last years or even decades. Even with Eustachian tube dysfunction, you should still be able to pop the ears. The fullness you feel in behind is likely a fluid buildup. It is indeed gunk that does not drain as it should. The auras you get are most likely migraines. You can have migraines without pain so I believe it likely isn’t strictly a sinus issue there.

      About detoxing and parasite cleanses, they are fairly essential for chronic sufferers. Simply put, try to cut all dairy, wheat, refined sugar and stick to a diet high in organic fruit and vegetables and cook as little as possible, with a high raw content diet. Parasite cleanses can be done with three herbs – wormwood, cloves and black walnut husks. We are very close to completing the book and action plan that sets out a system to clear sinus problems.

      You can definitely use something like the sinupulse or a neti pot with ACV or goldenseal root. Also try diluted hydrogen peroxide.

      I would advise you to cut inflammation in your body as much as possible. Cut all stimulants, and the above mentioned food. There are probably too many things to list here, but that will get you started. Exercise is fantastic. You sound like you’re on the right track.

      • Mac Ruffing

        Thank you for responding. About neti pots, my wife thinks that using one (squeeze bottle type) four years ago CAUSED my left inner ear issues. I don’t necessarily agree, I think my issues started before I started using one, but is it possible that the solution could get in there? I’m tempted to try the Sinupulse, but am not sure if I should.
        Also, my general doctor mentioned that I could get a tube inserted into my left ear (as is done with kids who get a lot of ear infections), which is I guess not a big deal, to possibly drain out any fluid. What is your opinion of this?
        Yesterday I had a “double vision” episode (something different from an aura) which lasted maybe five minutes, and somewhat freaked me out. Soon thereafter I had the fullness in the left ear and some intermittent sharp pain behind the left eye area. Sinus or migraine related? Is some optic nerve getting pushed by pressure? Could the sinus issues trigger the migraine issues and anxiety?
        Sorry I have so many questions, just still trying to get to the bottom of this! I will try the diet & detox today, are all the items you mentioned at a health food store? Last thing: what is ACV? Thanks, MAC

        • Hi Mac,

          Sorry again for the delay. We were working hard to get The Sinus Guide up and ready. If you are interested you can pick it up here:

          About the squeeze bottle: It can definitely cause water to get into the Eustachian tubes. You have to be careful when using it and if you feel any liquid in your ears, stop and let it drain out. To help it drain you can move your jaw around, swallow or yawn.

          About the tube. It can help though that procedure is not always successful and it has been known to make problems worse. If nothing else works then I would give it a shot.

          Your vision problems: Migraines can cause both double vision and ear fulness and tinnitus can be associated with migraines as well. What I would do is keep note of what you eat. Try to stick to whole foods without preservatives and other additives, such as MSG. Whenever you get a migraine, note what you ate or drank previously.

          Anxiety: Migraines can definitely leave you confused and anxious.

          Resources: ACV is apple cider vinegar. You should be able to get most of the things I mentioned in a health food store. You can check the resources page for some things I’ve mentioned. We will be continuously adding to it as well. The parasite cleanse material is all there:

  • Kayley Leah Pratt

    I NEED HELP, I have spent thousands on doctors over the space of four years. I got my tonsils removed, then got grommets and then was told I have TMJ (jaw tension, so they made me a mouth plate). None of this has helped 🙁 I am exhausted of feeling like this, heavy head, dizziness, irritation, dry throat, headaches………. How can I keep my Eustachian tubes open? I need advice and I am willing try anything. MY nose is never blocked, just my ears with the dry throat and constant ear infections. HELP………..

    • Hi Kayley,

      That sounds awful and you have my sympathy. Treating your tmjd would be a very good step. Try active relaxation. Clench your jaw as hard as you can for about 15-20 seconds. Then release it. This takes time, but try to feel all of the muscles. Sit in a comfortable position and let your jaw hang loose. Breathe through your nose gently and try to reduce your breathing as much as possible. Search for tension. When you find it, release it and continue to search for more tension. Do this constantly throughout the day. You do this to the point where relaxation becomes your default setting.

      A complimentary step is your diet. Cut out all inflammatory foods and replace them with whole foods. Drink plenty of pure water. Your tubes are likely chronically inflamed. The best way to get rid of that inflammation is to cut all possible causes of systemic inflammation. The best way to do that is through your diet and lifestyle. Get plenty of exercise, plenty of sunlight, only eat whole foods. It sounds simple and it really can be. You have to make sure you stick to it though.

      If you’re interested, we just released The Sinus Guide (which caused the delay in getting back to you). It’s a 30 day program designed to treat sinus problems naturally. It includes the above and more. In your case, with chronic ETD, it can take longer than 30 days but the progress you make should see cause for optimism. You can find it here:

      Good luck on your recovery Kayley!

      • Kayley Leah Pratt

        Your reply means so much!

        Funny enough I started with the allergy free diet on Monday, this excludes wheat/gluten, maize, sugar, dairy, nuts and congested fruit (wine & beer).

        Feeling hopeful. I will give you feedback at the end of the month, if my experience can help someone else then I’m happy.

        My doctor has told me twice now, Kayley you ears and sinuses look fine….. but I know my body and I cant keep living with this water sound in my ear and the heavy head feeling and then the ear infections once a month.

        I appreciate your reply, things might be looking up soon 🙂 with the diet change…. the bonus is losing weight!

        I will look into the 30 day program 🙂

        • Yes! Okay great. That is an excellent step. Try to make most of your food raw as well. In any meal, the more raw food the better. If you can make all your meals raw, even better. Good luck Kayley!

    • Joy Borja

      You are truly a doctors wet dream come true.

    • Mic Dot

      hello, if your eustachian tubes are plugged, then you must first find out if they are inflamed from a pathogen, or alteration in cells, or if there is rather an obstruction, which might lead to the inflammation, or an excess if ear wax due to temperature and/or dehydration. A good peroxide preferably food grade will help by pouring it into the ears to help kill parasites, and any cellular microbial problem, as the body uses h202(peroxide) in the immune response. In doing so, you will notice more inflammation in the area likely, and you can apply moist heat to it to assist in blood flow, and regeneration, however a primary concern starts in the intestinal tract, which is making sure you are absorbing the proper vitamins/minerals/nutrients, by having a non leaky gut, repairing the system with a healthy diet, primarily by juicing lower sugar vegetables. I would highly suggest a full mineral, and vitamin test, as well as an acids test which will test your gut bacterial as well as digestive imaging. secondly, I would cut out grains, possibly dairy, especially if from the west end of the world as they would regard it, because genetically modified grains are much more inflammatory (crossing a wheat grain with a cold water salmon to withstand cold, is likely not a good thing). Drink much water throughout the day, as when there is not enough water in the body, as is seen with pneumonia patients, the body needs to find a way to lubricate and will create a sticky mucous membrane, so without water, problems such as the ear not moving properly, or the lungs being filled with excess mucous will happen. speaking of thick mucous, if a person doesn’t have enough acid in their stomach, it is problematic for digestion(stomach acid/digestive enzymes). Also, simply limiting eating time to about 4 to 6 hours a day within that window will also help substantially, as the immune system does not operate very well while the body is in a digestive state, as well as, if the body is in a stress response(physically, or psychologically). Next is the spinal column: the spinal column when offset from one side or the other, can limit the ability to hear, and pull on the eustachian tubes causing a narrowing of the tube, not to mention the nerve ability from the spine (autonomic[parasympathetic/sympathetic system]) not having the ability to communicate properly with the ears. Many doctors like to take out bones behind the ear, however this is unnecessary, and generally only helps to stop parasites from forming in the area, as they prefer to hide behind that area. There is also oregano oil that can be applied to that area (behind the back of the ear lobe), along with something such as hot pepper, and coconut oil, for full absorption to assist in removal, applied in that area. Lastly is the structure of the ear itself. If their is a structural problem, it can sometimes be fixed naturally by flushing everything out, and increasing circulation, with a warm moist compress. drinking a hot beverage will also help when it is a waxy problem, or even inflammation often, within about 15-25 minutes of doing so. Now, there is the ear wax scenario, or obstruction, which is generally a very easy fix. Since the ears, nose and throat are very connected, it’s important to look at all of these orifices as well, and applying heat may help them to drain along with oils, flushes, salt, and peroxide, within the appropriate area. Remember, your body is an intelligent system that needs the proper building blocks, and the proper structural integrity. I hope any of this helped someone with their problem, take care.

      • Mic Dot

        i had to touch base on thing about TMJ, it is generally a problem with the cervical curve in the neck, when the neck is curved forward(inverted) the jaw pushes, so it’s important to fix that curve to open up those passage ways, and there are exercises as simple as using a rolled up towel and bending your neck to restructure the curve, and more complex procedures such as an inversion table, or a chiropractic negative pressure readjustment. the cervical inversion can cause a myriad of problems with the heart eyes, and especially asthma and parkinsons patients, so it is important to study, and understand the full context of what is happening. you can test to see if this is correct by tilting your neck forward and biting down, and then tilting it backwards and biting down, seeing the offset differentiation in position.

  • ranchofiesta

    this article is more a commercial for Ear-Popper and SinuPuls

    • You don’t need to use any of those tools, they are simply two tools that work well. Getting rid of chronic inflammation is free and doesn’t require any special tools, simply clean living and cutting out inflammatory foods, drinking a lot of pure water and cleansing. Good luck with your sinus battle!

  • MichaelCrackMonkey

    I was interested until you started the BS about “foods that create mucus”. Mucus is normally created by the body as a way to protect sensitive linings and to trap debris in the respiratory. A “Vegan” diet will have ZERO effect on mucus production and in fact may be harmful because it deprives your body from getting “EFA”s Essential Fatty Acids which are the building blocks of proteins. Your nerve tissue including Brain & Spinal column are made from fats. Depriving your body healthy fats can cause damage in the long term. Just like cats will go blind if they don’t eat animal protein many human beings especially those of White European and Native American ancestry need animal protein in some form whether meat or dairy. Asians need less and in fact have difficulty digesting milk because their ancestors evolved slightly different not having milk or nearly as much red meat as Westerners.

    • Glenda R Huntoon

      Fatty acids is why you include things in a vegan diet such as avocado, olives, nuts and seeds. I am not completely vegan. But there are raw foods that do contain good fats and protein. Ya just have to know food. If someone insists on being vegan, they should include B vitamin supplements. I do eat grass fed red meat, chicken and also fish. I do not eat grains, dairy and processed foods. I am proof that changing diet will open up sinuses, lower inflammation and balance mucus production.

  • Holly Edwards

    Hi, I’ve been having issues with my Eustachian tubes since 16 weeks pregnant. It came on out of the blue without any infection. What can I do whilst pregnant to help shift this? I’m now 21+4 days pregnant. The ENT is convinced it’s caused by pregnancy related increased blood flow/congestion but I need something to help me now ! 🙁 thanks x

  • ParmalatHarlot

    I hope Yvonne stops swiping her son’s prescriptions. I like how she wrote that in without a second thought.

  • Jessica Boyd

    I have been in agony for 2 months. I’ve been on multiple antibiotics and those don’t work. I’m on flonase, claritin d, saline nasal spray, and I’ve tried all the tricks to pop my ears and nothing works. My eustachian tube is still full of fluid. And my ears feel clogged and they ring and pop. I don’t know what to do.

  • Stephanie Michelle Berve

    Hi there! My eustachian tube dysfunction started a little over two years ago. It initially cleared up with a steroid pill (can’t remember the name) but it always came back. It wasn’t until I got the flu and had a very loud residual ringing in my ear that I went to a specialist. They thought I had Menieres disease but all the tests were inconclusive. They wanted me to get an MRI but with my insurance it was out of pocket. I told them that an MRI on a teachers salary is a little out of the budget and since it wasn’t life threatening I said thanks, but no thanks. After that I cut out gluten and dairy to see if it would help. A week later all my symptoms disappeared. Its was two months of a clear head and clear ears and it was glorious. I’m still gluten and dairy free but my symptoms have started again. The tinnitus, thankfully, hasn’t come back but I have brain fog, stuffy ears and sounds are muffled. I’m wondering if its seasonal allergies this time or maybe my allergy to my cat. 🙁 I’ve been on an antihistamine and a nasal spray since I’ve had her and I’m beginning to think I need to find a new home for her. Any thoughts?

    • Mic Dot

      vitamin/mineral and acids deficiency test, as well as cervical xrays to check the spinal position, and intestinal leaky gut xrays.. it is highly likely the primary problem that started it all. So flush system with apple juice pure 4-6 cups a day, with a laxitive if needed for 2 weeks(you should defecate atleast 3 times per day), then lemon juice and olive oil 1/2 cup 1/2 cup for about 4 or 5 days (stay close to the toilet-sorry). this will clean out so many things in your body, not limited to arteries, veins, gullbladder, liver..etc. The reason why the apple juice first and then the lemon and olive oil is because we treat it gently as possible as to not promote toxicity when the body is cleaning up, through intestinal recirculation. check for pain in your abdomen area, if there is pain, massage it, as it may be an appendix valve problem(try not to get it removed as it holds your positive probacteria). and repopulate gut bacteria with probiotic no modified corn syrup/corn starch probiotics, or take probiotic pills(get an expensive one). increase digestive enzymes, and lastly learn how to fix your spine which runs your nervous system(autonomic[parasympathetic/sympathetic]), or have someone do it if the problem is there.. as simple as i can with the description.. wishing you a fast 3 month full recovery.

      • Mic Dot

        i also wanted to mention, i posted some more information within this subject in this forum as replies that should be very beneficial.. I am required to say that everything i am writing is only my opinion.

  • Stanley Wainwright

    Have heavy wax buildup in both ears [years of no wax maintenance. Using hydrogen peroxide [has worked in the paste as a “cleaner.” Now, too much wax. Simple equalization methods do not work. Help!

    • Stanley Wainwright

      Here is my picture. Question asked but no reply. Why?

      • Mic Dot

        hi stanley, it is likely you are not drinking enough water, and your ears are producing much wax to make up for that, you may need an actual ear flush, and check your diet for allergies, also think about fixing your digestive system if it prolongs

  • Stanley Wainwright

    I am posting. Why no reply?