How To Clear Eustachian Tubes

I get plenty of emails asking for help or a little more explanation. I usually simply respond in the email but the other day I received the following message from Yvonne:

Blocked Sinuses And Eustachian Tubes

“4 years ago I was sick and my ears were clogged (never had clogged
ears before). When the cold was gone my ears were still clogged and
made noise. Headaches on sides of head from pressure. Was told I had
Eustachian tube dysfunction. Tried decongestants and nasal sprays.
Didn’t help. Tried 5 days of my son’s antibiotic and my ears were like
normal. Unfortunately it came back immediately. Have tried several
antibiotics and no others have helped. Unfortunately don’t know the
name of the one that did help. I discovered I could open my mouth to
alleviate pressure in my ear and now I have major jaw and neck issues.
I’ve tried heat and ice. It helps but doesn’t get rid of and the pain
on the sides of my head is driving me crazy. Have seen tmj quacks and
several chiropractors and they can’t help either. Can you offer me any
help? No one can seem to answer the question why did my ears clear up
after the one antibiotic?”

The reason I’m answering this one is because it seems to be one sinus issue that never goes away and drives people everywhere crazy. Eustachian tube blockage and pressure is what got me started on my path to relieve sinus congestion and learn about the sinuses.

How To Clear Blocked Sinuses And Eustachian Tubes

Now to Yvonne’s problem. Eustachian tubes can be incredibly problematic and you might be suffering from adult glue ear, which might need an operation to cure. However, before we try that let’s look at why the antibiotics and nasal sprays might not be helping.

Nasal sprays usually only send out a tiny amount of liquid to dry up the sinuses (if they actually do manage to reach up that far). The Eustachian tubes, in your case of having Eustachian tube dysfunction, probably won’t be opening properly causing a pressure build up, as you noted. At this point, nasal sprays are not going to help to clear away the mass of gunk that is clogging up your ears, you’ll need something more heavy duty. For a long time I tried using neti pots and squeeze bottles. Instead of that, I would move straight on to something more heavy duty. Check out the SinuPulse Sinus Irrigation System. You don’t need to buy their pre-made sachets. Simply load it up with some rock salt and baking soda (it might take a few tries to get the right amount so that you feel comfortable). I fully recommend nasal irrigation machines and the SinuPulse has done a great job for me. Please note that this is what I personally did. It is not usually recommended to get water into the actual Eustachian tubes. I personally tried to get the solution up in there and it helped. However, getting solution up there can cause the solution to get stuck and cause more problems. If your find liquid cannot drain out, then it is best to stop, move your jaw around and allow the liquid to drain out before trying again.

Another great piece of equipment for clearing fluid from Eustachian tubes, relieving pressure, improving hearing, reducing / eliminating tinnitus and all around inner and middle ear health is the EarPopper. It works by pushing a steady stream of air through your nostril into your sinuses. When you swallow, that air gets diverted up, into the Eustachian tubes and causes them to literally, ‘pop’. It’s getting great results across the board and has helped clear up a huge array of ear and Eustachian tube problems.

Regarding the antibiotics. The initial antibiotics may have cleared up the infection, which could have given you an brief respite. However, the problem is really the gunk that is simply trapped up inside your Eustachian tubes. Antibiotics cannot clear that and what’s more, the problem may no longer be bacterial in nature anyway.

You are probably wondering about sinus pressure points. While they can certainly help, I haven’t managed to get the pressure points on their own to completely clear out Eustachian tubes. However, that isn’t to say that massage and external manipulation cannot work for Eustachian tube problems. One thing you can try that I have seen work in the past is Cranio Sacral Therapy.

You will want to cut down on any food that produces mucus, so try eliminating sugar entirely from your diet, even natural sugars until you’re all cleared up. In fact, you’ll want to cut out all wheat and try going on a raw vegan diet, meaning no dairy products at all as well. If you can’t go raw, you can still cook your food but the body can react to cooked food badly, especially if the majority of your diet is cooked. So, if you need to have cooked food in your diet, try making the majority of your food raw.¬†Also, make sure that what you’re putting into your body is organic and GM free. This isn’t for everyone and perhaps it’s hard to keep it up, but just try it out while you’re trying to get your Eustachian tubes clear.

I hope that helps to get rid of your problem Yvonne and anyone else reading this with the same or similar problems. Please let me and other people reading this by posting your thoughts, what has worked for you and success stories in the comments below. Please try to keep it to long term Eustachian tube blockages although it can certainly be relevant to general sinus blockages and the advice I’ve listed will apply to any sinus blockage.

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