Facial Pressure Points

When learning how to relieve sinus pressure, these are the main pressure points you will focus on. These points have fancy names, like “drilling bamboo” and “flowery powderpuff heaven blah blah”, and also scientific names, like “G7”  etc… but we’ll skip those and use my names.

Sinus Pressure Points On The Face

The face has a number of points. I’ll show you the pictures first and then try to explain how it works and what you can expect when pressing or massaging the pressure point.

Pressure Point 1: In Between Your Eyes

You can press or tap this point.

You can press or tap this point.

Located just above the bridge of the nose, in between your eyebrows, you will be able to feel the ridges of the eyebrows come together. That is the point you’re going to be accessing.

You can press this point or tap it for around a minute. It has the effect of helping the mucus to secrete properly, preventing the sinuses drying up and becoming inflamed. It is also a great point to press for preventing colds and rhinitis. If you want a great night’s sleep get a small plastic or glass bead and tape it to this point. It helps you to calm down and lets you drift off to sleep. If, like me you have trouble switching off at night, it’s a great thing to do. It can also help to relieve pressure in the frontal sinuses.

Pressure Point 2: Either Side Of The Nostrils

Press here with your index fingers in and towards the nose

Press here with your index fingers in and towards the nose.

Located just to the side of the nostril, press both sides down at the same time. It will help the sinuses to drain more effectively and is fantastic for relieving pain in behind the cheeks. Use two fingers and press against these points with your fingers at 90 degrees to the face.

This is a great point for relieving pressure from the Maxillary Sinuses and it helps to improve circulation in the area. Pressing this point regularly also helps to prevent respiratory illnesses.

Pressure Point 3: Bridge Of The Nose

Press with the index fingers at the very top of the nose.

Press with the index fingers at the very top of the nose.

These points are located at the very top of the nose, just at the point where the nose connects to the ridge of the eyebrows.

To activate this point, press in and upwards. I like to press this point for around 5 minutes, but that might be a little long for some of you. You will notice that this is the point you naturally try to press when you have sinus headaches and sure enough, it plays a big part in relieving pressure behind the eyes due to sinusitis and other conditions in the Frontal, Sphenoid and Ethmoid Sinuses. This point also helps to “wake the eyes up” and take some of the pressure off the eyes.

Note: You can experiment pressing the points along the edge of the nose right down to the nostril pressure points. The entire area will likely be sensitive in the case of sinus problems.

Pressure Point 4: Under The Cheeks

Press in and upwards

Press in and upwards.

Located almost directly beneath the pupil, this point can be found by tracing the path underneath the cheek until you find a tender point. The point will likely be quite tender when pressing in and upwards again the cheek.

This point is probably my favourite as it seems to shift the entire face and lead to a pressure release from all of the sinuses as well at the eustachian tubes. It is a fantastic point if you’re experiencing pain or pressure in the Maxillary Sinuses or any pain at all around the cheek area, or even inside the mouth, a toothache for example.

Pressure Point 5: The Philtrum (this is the actual name)

Press into the groove and upwards to activate the point.

Press into the groove and upwards to activate the point.

This is a spot many of you will know. It’s located just under the nose. There is a little groove that you can feel on your upper lip. To activate this point press in and upwards against the base of the nose.

This point is great if you’re about to sneeze or you feel allergies coming on. You can effectively stop them pressing on this point for long enough. After just a few seconds, if you’re clogged up, you’ll feel you sinuses begin to drain down the back of your throat as well.

Pressure Point 6: Eyebrows

This point or rather, area, is located along the ridge of the eyebrow. An old shiatsu technique places pressure along this ridge. Press upwards with your thumbs and slowly move outwards. It’s a great pressure point for relieving pressure behind the eyes.

Check out the sinus pressure points on the neck, arms and hands and legs and feet.

If you have found information on Sinus Pressure Points useful, get a copy of

The Sinus Guide: 30 Days To Complete Sinus Freedom

  • Dublin Male

    52 yr old.male. Clogged nose. I found number 2 either side of nostrils to work really well.

    • Yeah, those points can work very well to drain a blocked nose. You can try the same technique on the outside of the nose at different points along the bridge of the nose.

    • Siberianhuskybud The Grey Wolf

      number 4 made my nose dribble everywhere lol
      it wouldn’tstop after it started, butit felt great after it was done

      • Wow, it looks like you had a great reaction. That pressure point can be unbearable for some people. I’m happy you found luck with it!

  • Lim M K

    Thank you so much , I am trying it out as I am suffering from sinus on and off

    • You’re very welcome. These pressure points can work really well for intermittent sinus problems. Hopefully they will be able to keep you off nasal sprays and other medication.

      • Lisa Goulding

        Hi. Thanks for these. I have had infected sinuses for around 5 days now and my ears are really blocked with it. The one at the sides of the nose and under the nose at the bottom really helped drainage. Do you have any that would help Eustachian tube drainage to try and get the pressure in my ears back to normal so I can hear normally again? Thanks.

        • Hey Lisa,

          I had the same problem with my Eustachian tubes. I guess you get the popping noise whenever you move your jaw around? Perhaps a little tinnitus? I wrote a post specifically about Eustachian tubes here: http://www.sinuspressurepoints.com/clear-eustachian-tubes

          They can be really difficult to get back to normal, but the water pulse machine worked wonders for me. Just keep your jaw forward as you use it so that your ET opens up and allows the water in.

          Also, try Pressure Point Number 4 and push up and in all the way along the cheek ridge. When you get to the temple area, you can also push down from the top of the ridge. I’ve found that to help with mild cases if it comes back.

  • Christine

    I don’t have nasal problems now, i have sinus face pressure. Front forehead achey, my gums/teeth all throbbin. I always get this, don’t want to take any more meds tonight. Not sure massaging these pressure points will work??

  • Michaela Ruddy

    Hi i just had 4 i hour long sinus drainage sessions done to no avail, i’m just the same as i was! please advise on how long to apply pressure to the above points and how often to do it thanks.

    • Hi Michaela,

      What were you doing for your sinus drainage sessions and have you been able to isolate the main areas of congestion? These facial pressure points can be fantastic to encourage drainage, but depending on your condition you may have infection simply sitting in there.

      • Michaela Ruddy

        Thanks for the suggestion of infection, i started taking solpa-sinus to see if this improves me!
        The sessions were pressing the pressure points on my face for a second and pinching all up the sides of my neck, the neck on 1 side had been very hard prior to the sessions and now it feels normal again, so perhaps this was the root problem area ?
        sorry for the delay i had wifi problems ;0)

        • Sounds good. You can get a lot of the benefits from Solpa-Sinus by drinking Ma Huang, also known as Ephedra Sinensis. I’m living in China so can just pop down to my local pharmacy but you should be able to get it at a Chinese health food store or online. It’s 100 percent natural and the tea can be great for the sinuses.

          • Michaela Ruddy

            Thank you, i will give the tea a try also ;0)

  • Jay C

    Does anyone have good techniques to relive pressure causing tinnitus in the L ear secondary to motor vehicle accident several months ago?

  • kathy lynn salas

    Is it common to have a mildly swollen jaw when you have sinusitis? I don’t have antibiotics yet but I may have infection. Also, my ears are clogged without taking allergy meds and i hear a click sound when I move my head left and right. What can help?

  • Tammy Lewis

    Thank you so much for this!! I’m so tired of relying on medication for my sinus pain that comes with seasonal allergies & sinusitis… #3 worked so well for the sinus pressure & pain!!!
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

    • Hey Tammy, you’re welcome. #3 is a great pressure point and one of the most natural we have when it comes to pain and allergies!

  • Vanessa Orange

    Hi. I tried everyone of these pressure points and #4 and I hope I did correctly my face felt numb for awhile. Is that common?

    • Hi Vanessa, point #4 is probably one of the most painful points for many people and it can really feel like the face is shifting about. If you’re getting a lot of pain, you might feel a little disorientated a numb after pressing on it, especially if you’ve been pressing for a while. I have experienced tingling and numbness on occasion in the past. If it doesn’t continue I wouldn’t be alarmed. You might also feel it around the eyes if you lift up as the entire cheek feels like it is moving and freeing up space. It’s a pretty powerful pressure point.

  • Suzy C

    Hi, I’ve got slight hayfever, postnasal drip and a general feeling of pressure in my head but most strangely a vein or something in my right temple keeps jiggling and twitching for 2 days non-stop now – could this be sinus related too?

    • Hi Suzy,

      Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. Hopefully your sinus problems and the pesky vein has resolved itself. Allergies could indeed have been a cause of the vein in your head though it is likely nothing to concern yourself with. A friend of mine has a similar thing happen with his hayfever.

  • Liz Strause

    I just found this site & used the points. I am going through a raw food detox and have been having some real sinus issues, I have them chronically, but tonight they were extra painful. I went through all the points, got a runny nose & the pain is about 85% gone. THANK YOU so very much. I thank you and my Polish nose thanks you as well.

    • Hi Liz! That’s fantastic. detox can bring out a lot of waste and it looks like it did in your case. I’m really happy the points worked for you!

  • john

    Hi I have head aches on my eyebrows sometimes either sides what can i do to get cured also i hv allergy /colds with nose blocks plz help.

    • Hi John,

      When these headaches start to come on, boil some water, sit over it with a towel over your head and use pressure point #4, #1 and #3. In addition to that, try pressing up along the the underside of the eyebrow ridge and then massage the temple area slowly.

  • Mike Hill

    Wow, these feel great when you press them. How many times should you really do this?

    • Hi Mike, these points can be pushed daily even when not experiencing discomfort. As a TCM doctor repeatedly told me, push them every day until they longer cause pain. Another way of looking at it is simply to keep some maintenance with the points checking every now and then if they are giving you pain, which might let you know something is up even before it breaks out. When you have sinusitis, simply pushing the points alone may not be enough, but you can usually push them long enough (it will depend on the person) to clear you at least temporarily. Sometimes they are enough their own. Try to cycle through the points, noting which are the most painful. Focus on those points and repeat as often as you need to.

      Hope that helps Mike

  • Usha

    Hi, I have chronic sinus on the left side of my nose. I am put on nasal spay and montec. i do steam sometimes. Even with it the sinus does not clear. My left ear is also blocked most of the times. I have tried the pressure points mentioned by you. All i get is pain all over my face but no relief. Can you please suggest on any other ways of draining it?

    • Hi Usha,

      I would suggest if the nasal sprays are giving you no relief then the problem likely won’t be fixed simply with continued use. With the pressure points, if they are giving you a lot of pain, that is a big indicator that you should continue to press them. Depending on how long your left ear has been blocked up, you may have Eustachian tube blockage. I wrote a post on that which you can find here: http://www.sinuspressurepoints.com/clear-eustachian-tubes. Try getting yourself a nasal irrigation system. I recommend one in the post I just sent you to. It was a post specifically written about Eustachian tubes but nasal and sinus irrigation is a fantastic way to clear out blockages that have become chronic and unresponsive. You will have to stick with the irrigation for some time as it won’t be a one day treatment. I hope that helps Usha. Let us know how it goes!

      • Usha

        Thank you. For the response. Will keep you posted on the progress.


  • Dale Pierson

    I have been having some problems for almost a decade now that progressively get worse.
    I’m almost always hearing “under water”. I tilt my head but no liquid sounds but if I shake my head while tilted I can hear just a bit of something. My nose usually dry but it feels clogged but its not. My left nostril is usually more affected.
    It literally feels like peanut butter is in my sinuses. These points feel good when pressed but there is little to no relief.
    Advice? Ideas?
    Please respond.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Dale,

      It sounds like your Eustachian tubes are blocked up and you likely have a lot of gunk just sitting in your sinuses just pumping out more toxins. It’s a pretty awful situation and one that a lot of typical medicine just do anything about. Check out this page: http://www.sinuspressurepoints.com/clear-eustachian-tubes as I had a similar problem for a long time. I’m currently writing a book and action plan on how to performa a short and long term recovery from all sinus issues, including in your case. For now, try one month of a totally raw food diet, no dairy, distilled water and no sugar as well as daily nasal irrigation with goldenseal root. That might seem really extreme but we want to kill all of the mucus factors that exist in your body and create an environment where your body sees no need to produce more mucus. This is just the tip of the iceberg but simply doing that can drastically help you. Let me know how it goes.

      Take care Dale

      • Dale Pierson

        Thank you. I will be trying this immediately.
        Curious…could sinus pressure cause chronic joint pain in shoulders, neck, head and teeth?
        Since this came about I’ve developed rapid tooth decay. Sometimes if I stretch my neck just right I can feel it pulling on my teeth?
        This sounds like maybe a trip to the chiropractor as well.

        • Hey Dale,


          1. Your posture can affect how your sinuses work. Try standing up straight. Clench you buttocks, suck in your lower abdominals, imagine your head being pulled to the sky and now drop your arms down to your side and rotate your hands outwards. Your thumbs will almost be facing backwards. Now relax your hands and keep the squeeze in the upper back to hold your shoulders in place.
          2. Dental work is a huge cause of sinus problems. Bacteria can move about up through the teeth into the maxillary sinuses. From the sounds of it, you might have bacteria sitting in there pumping out toxins constantly. I would see a dentist. I was going to mention that in my previous post actually so thank you for bringing it up.

  • SunnyHuny1

    I’m not sure if I have headaches from my chronic sinusitis or tension headaches but I need help! I have pain all the way across my eyebrow ridge, in my temples, under my eyes and on the back of my head where my skull meets my neck. I’ll hopefully be having a balloon sinuplasty done soon but in the meantime have 2 little boys and I need some relief.

    • Hey there,

      Okay, so one thing that can work for this is to tap point #1 for around about a minute increasing the intensity. From there hold point #3 for around about a minute. Then press upwards along the brow ridge underneath your eyebrows pressing upwards all the way out and along until you hit the corner of your eye. Press the outside of the eye corner. for around 15 – 30 seconds. From there, go back to point 1 again for another 30 seconds and then get both thumbs and press hard on the brows and move it outwards a couple of times and then rub the temples with you thumbs using circular movements for another minute or so. You can also start some nasal irrigation. I would suggest using an antibacterial agent such as goldenseal root in the nasal irrigation. Let me know how it goes 😀

  • Joel Betancourt

    Ive never had a Sinus infection before but apparently i had one for a month and a half and didn’t even know it. I took AMOX for 2 weeks and i felt some pressure relieved from behind my eyes. at the time i was battling sleep deprivation due to adrenal fatigue. Multiple things were going on at once and and the pressure behind my eyes would not let me sleep at night. I’m still having trouble concentrating and my eyes feel out of focus. I’m getting headaches in my forehead and temples. When i close my eyes to go to bed i feel like my eyes can’t settle in one spot and relax and as soon as i start to drift my eyes move and i have to start the process all over again. My sense of smell is off and im having trouble drifting off to sleep to where the only thing that is helping is xanax. Im not taking it for anxiety , just to help put me to sleep. the sleep medications like ambien or temazapram were not working. just wondering if my sinuses could be involved in all this. Im not one to take medications for sleeping or anything else for that matter.

    • Hi Joel,

      I really feel for you. Have you been diagnosed by a doctor? We have a book almost finished that should hopefully help a lot with your situation regardless of the source. It could certainly be sinus related, however, I would get yourself a proper professional opinion. Pressure points alone are probably not the answer. However, to calm you down without medicine at night you can try taping a chick pea (or any round seed) to point #1. There is a point not listed here (though it will be in the book – sorry I have no photo at the moment) that could really help. Feel along to about the middle of the eyebrow or just above the pupil when looking forward. There is a little ridge that runs down the center of the brow. At the top of that ridge is an indentation. You will be able to feel it and you will know you have found it when you press in. Press both. You might feel like vomiting and you may feel the pressure moving outwards along your forehead. Keep at it until you feel all the pain go away. It’s a nice one as you can just sit there with your hands on a table for a while.

      I’ll try to get the book out ASAP as it will include a 30 day action plan that involves a lot more than sinus pressure points. It’s just been too much info to put into the website.

      Good luck Joel!

  • Amy

    I am so much pain, I’m at a total loss of what to do. I took two weeks worth of antibotics almost a month ago and it’s just getting progressively worse. I have had three surgies in the past to remove polups but I don’t remember it being this bad. I can’t move my head. It feels like there is a tree growing between my eyes that is sticking its roots into every pore around my nose and eye. No matter if i lay still or move, it’s so painful. I have no nasual drip. Only incredibly painful pressure around my eyes and upper bridge of my nose. Please, i don’t know what to do

    • Hi Amy,

      That’s awful! What is your diet like at the moment? I would suggest nasal irrigation asap and start with a totally anti-inflammatory diet. We have a book coming out very soon. Unfortunately it’s not ready just yet. I’m not sure if you have tried all of the points, but you can also press the point that I suggested for Joel just below. To get pressure way down through irrigate and eat only anti-inflammatory foods. Because I don’t know your diet it’s hard to say but cut all dairy and sugar asap. I’ll let you know when the book is ready as well! Get some steam in you as well! If you haven’t already, get the emergency sinus remedies. I believe you’ll see a little box where you can find it! Good luck!

  • Ekta Minocha

    Hi. Is your book completed. I would like to buy it.

  • Sue

    Do you have recommendations for pressure points to do with blocked eustachian tubes, as well as blocked frontal sinuses, please?

    • Hi Sue,

      Sorry for getting back to you so late! For the frontal sinuses, you should be able to use Points #1 and #3 – Also, try to press up along the ridge of your eye brow. There is another fantastic point I will be adding soon. Find the crease in the middle of your brow and follow it upward just above the hairline. There is an indentation there. Press that in, though do it gently as it can be quite intense. For your Eustachian tubes, there is a point I use though it is quite hard to describe in this message. I’m putting together a book and it will be included there and I’ll share it on this page once completed as well 😀

  • Joe Blanke

    Simple, precise and effective information. Some of these spots I had discovered on my own but you have completed my knowledge of all the key areas. Thanks for sharing, this will help so many people!!

  • Central Texas Thrifty

    Thank you! I needed these additional non-drug treatments added to my arsenal for combatting for frequent sinus symptoms in winter months. Working facial pressure points and applying lymphatic massage have really made a difference. I don’t want to give my email address and haven’t any money to spare. I work in a pharmacy and will tell many people to visit this website.

  • Yaman

    I am also facing the same problem .I have done lot of Yoga and excercise .Is it helpful?My doctor suggests to get a surgery done but i am scared to undergo a surgery
    In winters this problem increases

    • Hi Yaman,

      What exact problem are you facing? Exercise is certainly a part of keeping your sinuses healthy. Actually my major sinus problems all began with Yoga, doing a shoulder stand while sick. My nightmare shouldn’t put you off Yoga though. 99.9% of the time it will be beneficial.

      • Yaman

        What about Surgical treatment?.Do you recommend for polyp nostril.Is it successful in eliminating disesase?

  • SCarton12

    I only have trouble if I sleep on my side, my sinuses clog and my mouth drys out. I feel fine during the day. Anybody know what causes this?

    • It can depend on which side you sleep on. Try to sleep on your left hand side and get a pillow large enough to fully support your head and neck. Also try taping your mouth shut at night. That could certainly help with your mouth drying out. If you sleep on your back, it can encourage the sinuses to drain, but it can also cause postural difficulties if you have a high pillow so it should only be considered a quick fix at best. I hope that helps!

      • Paul Nokka Thomas

        Surely taping his mouth shut is dangerous. If his nose bungs up he wont be able to breathe? Are you medically trained?

  • Gene Whitman

    Thx! As a medical doctor, I csn tell you this surely beats suggesting decongestant pills.

    • Thank you Gene! You are very welcome!

    • Carla Cassanova Brown Brock

      What about the slight weakness (or pressure)on one side of face. . I can blink, one eye doesn’t close all the way and smile okay. it’s not noticeable but certainly,, I can feel it. Should I worry? Are just continue to eat raw healthy foods. And wait for results.?

  • Olivia Collins

    Hello, I’m 21 and have been suffering with sinus pressure issues for about 1year and a half. The only thing that relieves it is excersise but obviously I cannot do it 247. I’ve tried using plantago which is supposed to be good for sinuses but I think I’ve now become immune to it and no longer works. It feels like my eyes are permanently closing and affects my energy levels. Is there anything else that you suggest I try? These pressure points certainly help but only temporarily :(.

    • Hi Olivia ,

      You’re in a boat with a lot of people. There are many things you can and should look into. The pressure points can be used in 2 ways. They can be for temporary relief and also for healthy sinus maintenance. What you need is to get rid of your chronic issues. To do that you need a more complete way of treating your sinus issues. I would check out The Sinus Guide. It will teach you how to get rid of chronic sinus problems without using nasal sprays and other over the counter or prescribed medicine. I don’t mean to push it but it was written with people like you in mind. You can find The Sinus Guide here: http://www.sinuspressurepoints.com/the-sinus-guide

      I hope that helps Olivia!

  • Lawrence Kassab

    Been in pain now for 3 days, just above the right eye and I tried #1 and I felt and heard a pressure release and now I am pain free. Just freakn WOW!

    • Lawrence Kassab

      Thank you so very much

  • Riley

    My nose is almost always stuffy, and when I try the eyebrows it’s actually really painful for me, it makes my eyes water. I feel a really sharp pain in the eyebrow and sometimes towards the bottom of my nose. Is there any explanation to this?

  • Joycee Bastian

    Is eucalyptus helpful for sinus problem? I read about it in this site http://www.doctorshealthpress.com/general-health-articles/sinus-pressure-points

  • Scott T

    If you do all five pressure points at once the top of your head will pop open like a trashcan lid. So be careful.

  • Samara Wilson

    I used to have pain between my eyes which is due to sinus pressure points. I used to inhale warm water with eucalyptus herb and it gives real benefit. I got this idea from this site: http://www.doctorshealthpress.com/general-health-articles/sinus-pressure-points
    For more benefit read this article once.

  • jane

    #4 helped me so much!!! I can’t thank you enough, was in agony with sinus pressure now I know what to do to help myself

  • Samara Wilson

    Hi, I read this article eventually, it is really helpful. I had sinus problem for a long time, when I came across this methods, I really got relief from sinus pain. With the above methods I tried some natural remedies at home which are also effective, read this article for those natural remedies: http://www.doctorshealthpress.com/general-health-articles/sinus-pressure-points

  • Chi83

    I will try some of these and see how they work. I will try anything now. I have constant pressure on the left side of my head and an itchy spot there. Pain between the eye snd bridge of nose on left side. The left nostril constantly burns. I have tried meds, sprays and drops. I am miserable.

  • Jonny Cox

    These are great, however, I want to know why this is happening. THis has been my worst year ever, like some days I feel like my head is going to pop off my neck because the pressure is so great. Swallowing is difficult, my tongue gets stuck at the back of my pallet because my nose is so blocked. Why is this happening, what is the cause or the root?

  • Anjan

    thankyou very much…life saver

  • Angela Cruse

    I have pain in face on right side from ear to cheek& jaw…tried all pressure points…no relief…doin warm compress..hot tea..Zrytec…saline spray.
    Now what???…Doctor won’t help with sinus issues…

  • Rocky

    23 yo male. Have this weird feeling of pressure in my forehead, just above my right eyebrow. I hope this helps.

  • Comm Entator

    I moved to a new place about 3 years back and since then, I have had a problem. I have visited the doctor but even the doctor was not able to do anything with this. I am not feeling sick now but I feel like I am not able to breath as efficiently through one nose compared with the other. This alternates from left to right nostrils alternatively regardless of the weather. I have dark circles around my eyes. I read somewhere that when the nostrils are clogged, this will happen. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Please help.

    • Michaela Manasov

      I had something similar… It was while I lived in an area with a lot of coal mines… turns out the coal dust was the cause of all my problems. These tips helped me, but really the only thing that brought permanent relief was moving away from the area. Sorry…if it is a new area, there could be something localized that you are allergic to, but if it is in the same area, just different accommodation, there may be some mold or something in it?

  • Paul Nokka Thomas

    Load of mumbo jumbo along with acupunture. Ive tried everything from nasal washes to steriods. Nothing works and those ENT Doctors are full of it. Miserable thing to suffer with

  • GeriTaran

    I’m an 83 year old woman. I just found this and tried the pressure points. Nothing happened but I think it’s because at this brief moment I’m breathing well. I have no allergies that I know of and I don’t know if my problem is unique but my sinuses seem to be somewhat clogged most of the time. At times the mucus is so thick that when I try to clear it by swallowing or coughing, I can’t breathe. A few times I have thought I would suffocate. It is most frightening. I’m forever clearing my throat and I also have an ear infection that I’m having trouble healing. (What a mess I am.) I mentioned this to an Ear/Nose/Throat doctor and his answer left me baffled and a bit angry. He told me to not eat before bed! (I don’t.)

    • Megan Owens

      Tried eliminating dairy altogether and netti pot??

  • Linda Couzens

    I started with severe sinus infections in my early twenties. I would go a month with a sinus infection. Very miserable. I started seeking a good ears and throat doctor. Most wanted to shoot me with a cordizone shoot to the sinuses. Which I had recently lost my mother to a doctor that was treating my mother for a neck and shoulder injury using such medications. I would tell them, no way!! You will need to treat me in a different way. I did, and sometimes still use a prescription nose spray. I had several allergy test over the years, and I never showed that I have allergies. When I would have a flare-up, he would prescribe a antibiotic, and nose spray. I am now 70 years old and I rarely get down with a sinus infection. When I start to get one, I give in to my body, and rest, drink plenty of water, and use my prescription nose spray. But I realize, not everyone can do that when they are trying to take care of a family, and working. But if you can it will help avoiding a flare-up. This information presented here can be worth a try. Thank you for trying to help people find relief!

  • Candice

    When I push the pressure point on the right eyebrow close to the nose, it feels like my eyeball is going to explode (literally). I am having a lot of sinus pressure on that side of my head and into my temple and the right front of the skull. It’s incredibly painful (almost unbearable) to push on that pressure point. Is it supposed to feel like that? How long should I push on it? I don’t feel any of that pain on the left side of the head or eye.

  • T L

    Wow pressure point 2 worked great. I used both index finger and moved side to side same time, and it unblocked and lubricated my nose almost instantly. Its been dry and blocked for 3 days..

  • Tim

    Good. I’ll Try these

  • Betty Stiletto

    Great article. Until today I realized I’d never truly had a sinus infection before.
    OUCH. Head. Nothing is moving, anywhere
    My whole head needs to come off NOW!
    Used the neti pot, steam. ACV, Nope
    This helped. THANK YOU

  • Lauren Fletcher

    #2 OMG thank you! I’ve been trying #1 and #3 all day, they worked for a little bit but #2 helped so much to get rid of the build up and take away the sinus headache ( and in August in Aus I get a lot of them where I live thanks to allergies)