Neck and Head Pressure Points

There are a couple of great pressure points for relieving sinus pressure associated with sinus conditions on the neck and around the base of the skull. These pressure points are located in the hollow, soft points as the neck meets the skull.

Sinus Pressure Points On The Neck And Head

Pressure Point 1: Top Of The Neck

Press the hollow between the top of the spine and the skull.

Press the hollow between the top of the spine and the skull.

This is a point directly in the middle of the neck and right up the top where it meets the skull. You can activate it by pressing the point in between the top of the spine and the skull with your thumb. Hold it down for around 5 minutes.

It’s a fantastic point for regulating breathing patterns, loosening tension in the head and generally helping to relieve symptoms of sinusitis. It also helps to fight the effects of the common cold. It has an added benefit of aiding mental clarity.

Pressure Point 2: Two Thumbs Apart

Starting from the middle, move your thumbs outwards and find the next two hollows at the base of the skull

Starting from the middle, move your thumbs outwards and find the next two hollows at the base of the skull

Another great point to relieve sinus pressure is on the neck near the base of the skull, these points are located just to each side of the top of the neck point. To locate this point, place both of your thumbs on your top of the neck point and slowly bring them apart, following the line of the base of the skull outwards until you feel hollow points. You thumbs will at this point be about 3 inches or 7-8 centimeters apart. To activate the point, press in and up a little bit. The pressure point will likely feel tender at this point. Press and hold for around 5 minutes.

Also check out the sinus pressure points on the face, arms & hands and legs & feet.

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  • Jonathan Collins

    Best tip for dry sinuses, get your biggest cooker and boil water until it is all gone. If you don’t have a bohemith of a cooker repeat over and over again. Being able to put 3-4 gallons of water in your air in an hour or so is very helpful.

    • I absolutely agree. Although, watch out for mold growth. Sinus pressure points and humidifiers work really well together.

  • Nico Pheiffer

    i cant hold it for close to 2 mins nevermind 5

    • If that is due to the pain in those points, it’s understandable. Try to ease off a little bit when pressing the points. After two minutes the pain should actually be easing off. The fact that the pressure points are very tender says that you should work on them. Ideally, you wouldn’t have much pain at all when pressing them.

      Both of these points are incredible for sinus (and just about any) headaches. Let me know how it goes for you. Build up to longer times each time you press them.

  • Mira Bai Winsby Smock

    Thank you for this site. I have been having facial pain, eye pain and swelling, neck and jaw pain off and on for several months now, I was convinced I had some type of problem other than allergies but my doctor tells me to just keep switching out my cetirizine for loratadine every 6 months, (due to tolerence build up) and to use flonaze and look for an allergen with in my home that may be causing the symptoms. I already know I have a pretty bad dust mite allergy but my symptoms been much worse since March and I really have not had any thick or colored mucous so I don’t believe I have an actual sinus infection. However my eyes, especially the right, have been puffy and swollen and nothing I try seems to relieve this, decongestants, eye drops, sinus rinse only offer temp relief if at all. Some research I’ve done relates to fungus overgrowth (candida) and I have noticed my symptoms seem much worse the morning after drinking any alcohol or eating very poorly. The immune system is located in the gut so this makes sense too. I have been asking my husband to press on the back of my neck not knowing about the pressure points really, I just noticed its often very sore and tender right at the base of my skull on my right side as well as my neck, it feels like the area needs to be pressed and I can feel a sensation radiate through my jaw and face that feels really good and seems to alleviate the pain for some time, at first I worried we shouldn’t be pressing the area but the info on your site confirmed my thoughts on this. I’ve read the sternocleidomastoid muscle in the neck and the related shoulder and neck muscles can cause sinus pain and sypmtoms. Do think its possible that the neck pain is causing the sinus problems or is the sinus problem causing the neck pain? I have read theories about this and I am confused on what to treat first, the sinus symptoms or the neck pain and what will cause the most long lasting relief. I should also mention I have TMJD since a head on collision when I was a teenager and I wear a mouth guard at night. Any thought or opinions are welcome and encouraged please!

    • Hi Mira,

      Okay, so Neck pain can be associated with Sinus problems. I wouldn’t like to say sinus problems are causing your neck pain as you describe it, but if you have had a head collision and suffer from TMJD then that could be causing postural problems, which can certainly lead to or exacerbate sinus conditions.

      If you have an overgrowth of candida, as so many of us do, you will probably need to get on top of that and KEEP on top of it. This means cutting all sugar from your diet, dairy and any white flour etc… That will also help take care of parasites which could also be hiding up in there and causing havoc. Try a total parasite cleanse with a black walnut, clove and wormwood tincture, use some bentonite, ornithine and get some p73 oregano oil. It will change your health in so many aspects and could lead to new habits as well 😀

      I hope that helps Mira!

      • Michał

        Thanks for your comment!

      • Marlon Holder

        Hi, I hope I can be helpful here. I suffered with neck and back pain for many years. This is my story not yet posted on my website since my developer is running behind. However I wanted to share with others:

        A senseless stunt at age 12,

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        I finally turned to a well-known Chiropractor here in my hometown. Well, he x-rayed, adjusted and aligned my body. I felt great, wow I thought I found the answer. Not too soon after, my adjustments lasted up until I went to bed and I was again in pain the very next day. I repeatedly got body adjustments and alignment at the Chiropractor but had no active support afterward to keep these adjustments.
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    • Elodie

      I just read this in passing and thought you might like to know about Upper Cervical chiropractor. It has changed so many peoples lives. Upper cervical chiropractors are different than normal ones. Please look this up and read about it! I used to have back pain, neck pain, etc. That is gone now because of Upper Cervical:)

      • Mira Bai Winsby Smock

        Thank you for the tip! I made an appt with a chiropractor for next week but I don’t know if they specialize in that. I’ll have to find out. The popping in my jaw, tension, eye and sinus problems are becoming unbearable. 🙁 Allergy medicine only does so much so I am certain it must be related to my jaw dysfunction or other neck/back problems.

        • Elodie

          Thanks for replying:) I know I’m just a random person but I couldn’t help but comment when I saw your comment:) My Mum always likes to say to people: ” get aligned first at an Upper Cervical chiropractor and then see if you need to research anything else”. Here’s the link to the: Upper Cervical Health Centers :

          Please look into this!!! Definitely worth your time.

          ~Elodie 🙂

    • Mandy Jenkins

      I know you posted this awhile ago, but I was just wondering if you were able figure out what the problem was. I have all the exact same symptoms as you!

    • Bronwyn Holder

      Hi there, I just read your response to the pressure point article only to realize we have so many similar and frustrating issues with neck facial and jaw discomfort, please let me know if you were able to link it to fungus and if you have found relief yet? Thank you.