Sinus Anatomy

The passages that begin with your nostril lead to a network of nasal passages and cavities in behind the face. These are known as sinuses. While you have a number of sinuses in your body, those in your face, which are known more technically as the paranasal sinuses are the most well known. Your sinuses are pockets of air, which are found in between the bones in your face and skull. Our paranasal sinuses come in pairs, with one of each pair located on either side of the face. You have four of these pairs:

Sinus Anatomy – Paranasal Sinuses

  • Maxillary Sinuses: These are found directly in behind the check.
  • Ethmoid Sinuses: These are smaller pockets of air, often described as having the appearance of honeycomb.
  • Frontal Sinuses: Your upper uppermost sinuses. These are placed directly behind your fore head.
  • Sphenoid Sinuses: These are further back, close to the brain.

Pictures are worth a thousand words however, so without further ado, here’s what the paranasal sinuses look like:


1: Frontal Sinuses – A small percentage don’t have frontal sinuses or only have one
2. Ethmoid Sinuses – You can see how they are dotted around the head rather than being one big pocket
3. Sphenoid Sinuses – The image on the right show how far back they are, closer to the brain
4. Maxillary Sinuses – The large sinuses resting in behind the cheeks

What Do Sinuses Do?

The sinuses play a number of important roles in the human body. Seeing as we’re constantly bumping into things, the sinuses, not just in the head, but throughout the body, provide space for the body to absorb the shock. Sinuses are also hugely important when it comes to our voice, helping the voice to resonate so that we can actually be heard. On top of that, they humidify the air that we breath (which is why it’s important to breath in through the nose and not the mouth) and clear away excess dust and other crap that comes up our nose when we breath in.

It’s perhaps best to look at it from another angle. Without our sinuses, when sustaining a blow, the shock would travel through the body causing damage to our vital organs much more easily. When trying to speak, you would have to put your ear right up next to the voice box to actually hear anything (voice resonates in both the chest and paranasal sinuses). Without our sinuses we would also pick up more respiratory illnesses and generally get sick more of the time.

So thank heavens for sinuses, even though at times we wish we could just cut them out, such as in the case of sinusitis and nasal congestion. And remember that it’s important to take care of our sinuses. Sinus pressure points give us one great, effective and free method of caring for our sinuses, helping to relieve sinus pressure and making sure they’re doing their job effectively.

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  • Moon Willow

    Please help me! I have been getting this pressure feeling for quite some time now only it seems to have gotten worse over the last few weeks. Though I feel the pressure behind the ear area and to the side of the head, it is mostly on the left side. I can only describe the feeling at times as sort of when you get a brain freeze from consuming something very cold, only its not as bad as a brain freeze. Its very uncomfortable and scary because I keep thinking OMG! do I have a brain tumor or something! The pressure pain comes and goes. I cant deal with it anymore and it is making me very irritable and miserable. I am even feeling a slight dizziness, especially when I get up and walk. It’s so weird. My ears do pop when I blow my nose. I even feel it in my teeth and radiating down the sides of my neck to my chest area. I have already been to the doctors and been on Zithromax very recently incase of a sinus infection. But it is still here. It has begun hurting me as I type this to you. It’s awful! It feels like a toothache on the side of my head around the soft spots behind the ears. Another way to describe the pain is a bit like when you get that burning sensation after turning your head too quickly. Please help as I don’t know what else to do and I am going to be flying for 8 hours in September. What is the best remedy for this? I’m desperate!

    • Maria Tiberia

      I experience tremendous horrible unbearable pain on my forehead closer to the eyebrow area …feels like sharp stabbing pain…this happens every time I am on a plane and only when the plane starts to descend ……it is the worst pain I have experienced ..I have searched all over the internet to see if anyone else has experienced the same but found no one and I have consulted doctors who have never heard of this or just say it’s my sinus pressure but no REAL solution or medical remedy.. so I do take a decongestant like Sudafed ,migraine meds ,antihistamines, and saline nose spray….I hesitate going on trips but I have to live my life so I just keep praying that the next time I fly that it will not happen…😩

      • shinkyo81

        I am having similar symptoms and decided to put an end to the uncomfortable situation during air travel. You might have a blockage of the frontal sinus (right above your eyes) probably due to a deviated septum, which means crooked nose (it can be crooked from the inside while looking fine on the outside). Go to a ENT doctor (eye, nose, throat) and they will help you out of this situation. Did you get a CT scan of your sinuses and nose? It is the gold standard.

        • Maria Tiberia

          I have gone to the ENT and had scans done, MRI, etc…everyone is just as baffled..
          ….so I missed what you did to end your situation..please share

    • shinkyo81

      I hope you are feeling better. Go to an ENT doctor so they can CT scan your sinuses and nose. They will get all the info they need to help you out of this situation. Good luck!