Sinusitis is one type of sinus condition. When you hear about an ‘–itis’ condition like sinusitis it literally just means an inflammation. In the case of sinusitis it’s an inflammation of the sinuses. Annoying, painful and debilitating, most bouts of sinusitis are over fairly quickly as they are most commonly caused by viruses, which the body has a habit of quickly dealing with. There are a number of causes of sinusitis with bacterial and viral infections being the main culprits. Allergies and immune system conditions can also trigger sinusitis. Learning the causes of sinusitis is the first step in learning how to relieve sinus pressure and discomfort.

Sinusitis Symptoms

Sinusitis symptoms come are fairly wide ranging. Because, as we now know, ‘-itis’ means an inflammation the main symptoms are the swelling. This causes a lot of secondary symptoms though depending on which sinuses are affected.

In the Maxillary Sinus, you may feel pain or pressure in the cheeks, teeth or in the head. If the Frontal Sinus, located between the eyes, you will experience pressure or pain in that area. If the Ethmoid Sinuses are swollen, the pain and pressure will be lower, located behind the eyes, often causing headaches. This is one I hate the most. If the Sphenoid Sinus is swollen, you can also experience pain behind the eyes but also throughout the head.

Any of these sinuses can become inflamed.

Any of these sinuses can become inflamed.

All of the these conditions can lead to a heavy, fuzzy head that feels constantly full of pressure. You may experience dizziness as well. You will likely get some pretty foul tasting and smelling mucus coming out of these sinuses if you drain them.

Sinusitis Treatment

Once you know sinus is inflamed, you will be able to better use the sinus pressure points to treat your condition. To supplement the pressure points you may want to consider alternative treatments if your condition is really bad.

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