Sinus Pressure Relief

Aside from sinus pressure points, there are of course other, more conventional ways to treat sinus conditions and if things get really bad, you might want to consider supplementing your treatment with some of these other methods.

Nasal Decongestants

There are over the counter and prescription medicines you can get, which usually come in spray or pill form that have chemicals that are usually quite effective at drying you up.


These are lifesavers if your sinuses are triggered by allergies. Allergies tend to cause excessive histamine production and can cause enormous amounts of swelling and irritation in the sinuses and nose.


As the causes of conditions such as sinusitis can be due to a number of factors, bacteria being only one of them, antibiotics aren’t guaranteed to have any effects, but your doctor will likely prescribe it to you nonetheless. It’s really frustrating to go through two or three rounds of antibiotics with no results though so you might want to remind your doctor of this.

Avoid Certain Foods

Milk, cheese and other delicious dairy products cause excessive mucus buildup and even more so if you’re sensitive to it. Other food like white rice, pasta and white bread also cause excessive mucus, so if you like me get this a bit, try alternatives like whole grain flour and bread and brown rice. Try soy milk and cut cheese. It’s tough, but just try it for a little while to see if you have any improvements.

Avoid Your Allergy Triggers

This on the face of it is quite simple, but I would say that 99% of us don’t know a lot of our triggers. Sure you might be allergic to cats, pollen or artificial chemicals as they have immediate and dramatic results when you’re exposed to them. However, there are things you have been living with your whole life so you may not realize they are doing you harm. Things like dust mites or as previously mentioned, the food you eat could be doing you harm and it’s just a process of elimination over time that will expose them. Start cutting things out of your diet and changing your habits and you may be surprised at the results.


This is a great one to do just in general, even if you’re not suffering at the time. It has been used for thousands of years. I’m starting to use a neti-pot every day to flush my sinuses and will be posting the results.

Get Exercise

Exercise is just fantastic anyway but it can really help to drain the sinuses.


This is a great one of your sinuses are killing you. I just jump in a really hot shower and breath in the steam. It gets the sinuses draining by heating them up, but also helps to humidify the air you’re breathing, soothing the sinuses in the process. Hitting a sauna or steam room is also fantastic. In the last three years the only time I’ve felt absolutely free of pressure is after or during a long hot shower.

Suction Machines

If you have really clogged sinuses or eustachian tubes, you will be happy to know that there are machines that you can now get that you can use to literally “suck” the gunk out.


There are heat emitting diodes you can get to heat up heavily impacted gunk and get the mucus flowing more freely. This is helpful if you sinuses and eustachian tubes aren’t draining freely. You can also breath in hot air or use heat pads on your nose and face to loosen mucus up.


Check out the sinus pressure points to use in conjunction with these other treatments.