Sinus Symptoms

There are a number of symptoms associated with sinus conditions. Nearly all of these can be helped by using sinus pressure points. In the event that they don’t, you can always look to more conventional sinus treatment. You will know a lot of these, but some may surprise you. In no particular order of severity here are the sinus symptoms:

Sinus Symptoms

Sinus Symptom 1: Pressure

This can be felt, depending on which sinus is affected, in the face, behind the cheeks, between the nose or in the forehead. You may also experience pressure in the ears if the eustachian tubes become blocked up. Pressure in the head is also a common indication of sinus problems. 

Sinus Symptom 2: Discharge

One of the less pleasant symptoms of sinus conditions is the nasal discharge that comes along with it. If you have a bad case of sinusitis for example, the discharge may be a nasty shade of green and can be particularly foul smelling. Remember that healthy sinuses will produce quite a large amount of mucus each day, although it shouldn’t smell awful and runs clear in healthy people.

Sinus Symptom 3: Pain

As sinuses become clogged or inflamed, they tend to produce pain, beginning on one side of the head and typically spreading to both sides. You may also experience headaches that tend to intensify when bent over. If the infection spread through to the back of the nasal passageways you may experience ear aches. Toothache is also a commonly reported condition associated with infected sinuses. If you have a sinus infection and experience other symptoms, hold off going to the dentist, instead use some of the sinus pressure points and you might save yourself some money.

Sinus Symptom 4: Loss Of Smell And Taste

Unfortunately food and drink can become rather tasteless. Taste and smell, in my experience are one of the final things to return to absolute normal.

Sinus Symptom 5: Sneezing And Coughing

Depending on the cause of your sinus problems, you may have experience coughing or sneezing, the latter especially in the case of allergic sinus conditions.

Sinus Symptom 6: Burning Sensations

You may feel a burning throughout the nose and over the face.

Sinus Symptom 7: Swelling

Your face may become puffy and swell up, especially in the case of allergies.

Sinus Symptom 8: Dizziness And Vertigo

This is especially common in cases where the sinuses become blocked and the eustachian tubes get backed up and can’t drain effectively.

Sinus Symptom 9: Loss Of Hearing

Mostly this will be temporary but it will likely be accompanied by pressure in the ears and head as the eustachian tubes become blocked. When I get bad attacks it often feels as though I’m stuck underwater, trying to listen to people speak to me.

Sinus Symptom 10: Tinnitus

This is the worst for me. Since my sinus problems began 3 years ago I’ve had 24/7 tinnitus. This is otherwise known as ringing in the ears. 

Sinus Symptom 11: Popping Ears

Another thing that affects me, my ears tend to pop as I move my jaw around. This is due to the eustachian tubes being clogged up and as you move your jaw around, the pressure is released, creating the ‘popping’ sensation and sound.

Sinus Symptom 12: Stiff Jaw

You may feel your jaw stiffen up or even become a little painful depending on the location and severity of your sinus condition.

Sinus Symptom 13: Grinding Teeth

At night, you may find yourself grinding your teeth. Get a mouth guard and learn to control your breathing in the day. A breathing regime should really help out a lot of things in your life, sinus conditions one of them.

Sinus Symptom 14: Snoring

As with a lot of respiratory conditions, sinus conditions can cause difficulties breathing and snoring is an unfortunate result for a lot of us.

Sinus Symptom 15: Itching

The worst type of itching because it’s almost impossible to scratch, especially if in really deep. It usually feels as though your face is itching but you can’t find exactly where. Sinus pressure points are great for dealing with itchy sinuses.

Sinus Symptom 16: Post Nasal Drip

This is basically the term for a lot of extra mucus draining down the back of the throat. This is a common result of sinus conditions.

Serious Sinus Problems

If the problem doesn’t go away, it may develop into something more serious. This is especially the case where the infection reaches parts of sinuses that go up near the brain. If this happens you can risk the infection reaching the brain and going into the blood stream. Meningitis is just one of the conditions that can result from this. It’s uncommon but keep it in mind that if you’re maintaining sinus conditions with medication or sinus pressure points that the infection could still be there. Find out how to relieve sinus pressure and treat your sinus conditions to and if in any doubt, make sure to see your doctor as well.

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  • rich w

    Hi. I have had all the above for the last 6 weeks. My doctor has just dismissed it and said I’ll have it for another 6. The head pressure is the worse and constant clogged ears. Makes me a little light headed. I haven’t been able to go out properly or drive these past 6 weeks because I don’t feel like it and went light headed in the car.

    • Hi Rich,

      Like Angelena, sorry for not getting back to you earlier. How have you been over the last 8 weeks or so? Hopefully your sinus problems have gotten better. With pressure in the head, if it doesn’t go away on its own, you could look into a sinus flush to move out stagnant gunk.

  • Angelena Renee Nieves

    Hi my name is angelena. I been coughing, cant sleep right, alot of musus, coughing so hard to where i throw up, n it started with loss of hearing in one ear now its both and its really killing me what can i do? The doctor didnt test me she just said i need to take cetirizine at night n fluticasone propionate nasal spray. But its not working n i have white spots on my back . Help please.

    • Hi Angelena,

      First of all, I’m very sorry for not getting back to you sooner as I have been away recently. I hope your condition has become more manageable. It sounds like you could do with something a little more heavy duty. You could try checking out as I wrote that for people who have really, really bad problems that just don’t go away. I would also look heavily into your diet and start eliminating food groups (such as dairy) until you start to feel relief. You may be allergic to something in your house. If nothing works, get yourself something to start flushing out your sinuses to physically remove the waste and you could even try adding anti-fungal, bacterial and viral things to the rinse mixture such as golden seal root.

  • sphesihle

    I have a problem I have alot of mucus and I woke up with a painful jaw and a headache other side of my eyes and Both my ears are blocked


  • Jessi

    I’ve been achy, head pressure after an hour of me waking up and coughing from the post nasal drip. When laying down, I get sinus pressure. Tired and dizzy. thick clear post nasal drip. Those goes on and off for a few years.

    • Hi Jessi,

      This could be a few things:
      1. Your bedding, pillows, sleeping area – You may be exposed to allergens in your house and bedroom.
      2. Do you eat within an hour of waking up? It could be that your body is reacting to your food. Look at cutting out certain foods from your breakfast until it clears up.
      3. You may be sleeping poorly. It sounds strange, but try sleeping with tape over your mouth for a week and see how that helps.

      It’s hard to know your case but there are always things you can do to improve your situation regardless. All of the above can be helpful.

  • Laura Cole

    I think I may have sinusitis. I have been suffering for 3 years with it. It seems to get worse this time of year. I get pain around my jaw near my ears and temples both sides around my nose and under my eyes. My eyes can swell in a morning. I also get a very intense sharp shooting pain when bending or lay down. I hear cracking with in my face. Is this typical of sinusitis or could it be something else? I go dizzy on standing to. Thanks.

    • Hi Laura,

      It sounds like you could have a Eustachian tube infection if you are getting popping or cracking sounds. I too had that for a very, very long time! Go here: – We’ve got a book coming out really soon that details how to get over these problems with full step by step plans. I’m doing my best to get it ready ASAP!

  • Mary Anne Michaud

    Hi!!! I’ve been having pain in my cheek area and nose also when I look up I feel pain and pressure behind my eyes… Does this stuff sou d familiar to anyone??? Also can’t breath to good out of my nose!!! My taste is weak also!!!

    • Hi Mary,

      This all sounds very common. If you smoke or eat a lot of dairy and wheat, try to cut that out. That alone can help to alleviate a lot of problems. If it persists, let me know.

  • amy s


    I’ve been having issues now for several months and trying to figure out if they are sinus related. I have pressure in my frontal and maxillary sinus area, at times I may have ringing in my ears, and sometimes it bothers me to move my eyes. I have a hard time breathing out of the right side of my nose. I don’t really have a lot of nasal discharge. I seen the family doc and he put me on a z – pac a month ago but it didn’t help. I am now trying flonase and sudafed to see if it helps. My issue is that I just switched jobs and don’t have any insurance for 90 days so trying to avoid seeing the doc without insurance and trying otc stuff. Does anyone else have these symptoms and know what else I can try? Also I have done the sinus rinse as well.

    • Hi Amy,

      This definitely sounds like a sinus issue and potentially a Eustachian tube problem. You say you have done a sinus rinse before. How long did you stick at it and how did you do it? Neti-pot, squeeze bottle or something slightly more heavy duty? There are many things you can try. First fix your diet. It’s very important to cut out anything that you might be allergic to and make sure that your home is not keeping you sick (indoor pollution and allergens etc…). I’m on the verge of releasing a book with all of the treatments I have used and how to do them. I hope to have it out within a few weeks. If you’re interested you can pre-order above 🙂

  • Lindsay P.

    Hi, my doctor diagnosed me with a sinus infection about a week ago but since I’m 16 weeks pregnant, I don’t want to risk taking any medications in case they harm the baby. I’ve used a Neti Pot rinse twice a day since its started and have been massaging my pressure points to relieve the pain. The congestion is almost gone but now I’m left with a throbbing headache, severe ear and throat pain on both sides, and sore muscles in my neck. Does this sound like symptoms of sinusitis or has it progressed into something else? Does anyone have any other suggestions on safe, natural remedies to help with this? Thanks!

    • Hi Lindsay,

      Sorry for getting back to you late, how are you doing now? I hope the aches and pains have gone away. It could certainly be a sign of the infection spreading around a bit. During your sinus rinse, consider adding goldenseal root or diluted apple cider vinegar. If it is a deep infection just using water, especially impure water or even with a little salt and baking soda can still move infections rather than fully treat them.

  • Lauren M.

    Ok so about a week ago I started getting headaches, and before that my nose was runny but no other cold like symptoms. I had really bad headaches, my neck and eyes hurt to the point I went to the er. I got blood work, and a CT scan everything came up good, so they gave me medicine for headaches. The headaches have stopped but I’m still get like a pressure stuffy feeling in my head from time to time. My nose feels stuffed and there is pressure with my eyes. It hurts during the day to move them around and every morning after waking up my eyes get these clear fluid bubbles on the corner of my eyes that go away after an hour or so. Bending down makes the pressure worse, with throbbing in my ears. It get worse at night with more pressure around my nose. Wht could this be?

    • Hi Lauren,

      That sounds really tough. Just like Lindsay (see below), you can try using a heavy duty duty neti-pot rinse using goldenseal root and / or diluted apple cider vinegar. You could also try a parasite cleanse using herbs. You will need to check with your doctor to see if this is okay for you during your pregnancy: Now Foods Fresh Green Black Walnut Wormwood Complex

  • Annalise

    I’ve got neck ache on the right side, heavy pressure pain on both sides above ears close to temples and pain at bottom of the back of my head along with sore throat and a blocked nose. Any ideas what this could be. It’s Saturday and my doctors are closed till Monday and it’s really bothering me. I’ve been taking ibroprufen and cocodimal along with a sudafed nasal spray and that helps but I would just like an opinion on what this is. Thanks

    • Hi Annalise,

      It’s hard to tell exactly without examining you. It sounds like you could have a bout of the flu though. Hopefully it has gone away though! Sorry for the late response!

  • Tammy

    Okay, sooo for the past few days I have been experiencing tightness in both of my cheeks, not so much my jaw, but on occassion it tenses up when the cheeks tense up. My left ear also with the cheek tightness can feel like it is clogged up almost. Sometimes it pops, other times, its harder to hear out of. I did have headache about two-three days ago. On occassion there is a feeling like I have something stuck in my throat. Part of me thinks I may have a sinus infection. I have had a runny nose, coughing up phlegm. But of course sometimes you search symptoms on the internet, and they give you the worst possible condition. I do suffer from allergies, and the weather has been so back and forth. Then I wonder is it my anxiety kicking in. I plan on scheduling an appointment with my doctor regardless.

  • Truth Seeker

    I hope you can help me because I’m I don’t know what to do and this problem is going on its 3rd month. A few weeks ago I started hearing popping noises in my nose. I hear the sound in the upper part of my nose, where the bone is, and I tried the neti pot cleanse, nasal sprays, and I even made a nasal spray of my own using colloidal silver and iodine and the noise is not going away. At first, the noise came around at night when I was about to sleep and in the morning when I first wake up. I never heard the popping noise when I was out doors and that soon changed. Now the popping noise happens whenever it wants where ever it wants. I am really getting irritated with this noise and I don’t know how to treat it. Please give me your advice because this has never happened before out of my 26 years of life until recently.

    ***Another note is I just moved to another state. I never had allergy syptoms beeofre either so I do not know where this problem came up.

    • Killing krillian

      I am having the same problem I thought I was cured until today. I had a really dry nose (from antibiotics I was on im assuming) my nose is no longer dry but it started to pop. Thought I was going nuts.

  • flyover

    I have had blocked sinuses for about a month. I’ve been on prednisone for three weeks of that and am also using astropro spray and zyrtecD. While it is somewhat better, I still have a dull pain above my left ear. On the few occasions that the left ear clears up for a few seconds, the pain is gone. It also doesn’t hurt when I lie down. I keep pestering the doctor for antibiotics, but he swears its alleges. I’ve always had them, but never this bad. Why does it hurt above my ear?

    • Nina

      Hey! I know this sounds off the wall (I completely wrote it off until 4 trips of non conclusive ENT appointments to check my ear!) – but look into TMJD, it turned out to be what I had all along, after my doctor had me on prednisone for an extended time and speculated all kinds of other possibilities!

      • flyover

        I finally broke down and went to an allergist. I am not taking the shots twice a week. He said it will take months before I see a difference, but then I shouldn’t have a problem.

  • Anita

    Hi, My husband was diagnosed with cluster headaches. The medications for this type of headache are just too expensive, we can’t afford them. However the headaches are serious & life altering. Quite a few of the symptoms present themselves as a sinus infection. Do you think or have you had any experience treating these types of headaches with your techniques? Thank you.

  • Riddhesh

    My nose is blocked and I feel pain at the back side of head I have been taking medicine for 1.5 years still it is not going and I find very difficult to concentrate and study in this condition I tried pranayam and pressing sinus Point as suggested by you but still it’s not going .
    It started last year when I went to cycling sat in A.C. so my head used to become very cold due to A.C. and sweat.Cough comes out when I sneeze at start of the day but from noon till night cough comes out difficultly but I feel some blocked pressure like at the back of my head.plz help me

  • QMorgan

    Good day,
    I need help. Since Thursday of last week I been having a tight burning sensation in my lower head and neck. Was given antibiotics because the doctor said I have an sinus infection. I have increase nasal dripping. Is this dealing with my sinus, please help…

  • Ashley Lyons

    I had a cold last month in June. Since my cold I keep getting burning and tingly sensation in my nose. When the burning happen in my nose there is pressure on the right side of my head then goes onto the left side. I get really tired after it happens. Also I keep getting random bruising. My doctor said it was fine. That was about a year ago. The bruising went away. Now the bruising has come back.