Facial Pressure Points

When learning how to relieve sinus pressure, these are the main pressure points you will focus on. These points have fancy names, like “drilling bamboo” and “flowery powderpuff heaven blah blah”, and also scientific names, like “G7”  etc… but we’ll skip those and use my names.

Sinus Pressure Points On The Face

The face has a number of points. I’ll show you the pictures first and then try to explain how it works and what you can expect when pressing or massaging the pressure point.

Pressure Point 1: In Between Your Eyes

You can press or tap this point.

You can press or tap this point.

Located just above the bridge of the nose, in between your eyebrows, you will be able to feel the ridges of the eyebrows come together. That is the point you’re going to be accessing.

You can press this point or tap it for around a minute. It has the effect of helping the mucus to secrete properly, preventing the sinuses drying up and becoming inflamed. It is also a great point to press for preventing colds and rhinitis. If you want a great night’s sleep get a small plastic or glass bead and tape it to this point. It helps you to calm down and lets you drift off to sleep. If, like me you have trouble switching off at night, it’s a great thing to do. It can also help to relieve pressure in the frontal sinuses.

Pressure Point 2: Either Side Of The Nostrils

Press here with your index fingers in and towards the nose

Press here with your index fingers in and towards the nose.

Located just to the side of the nostril, press both sides down at the same time. It will help the sinuses to drain more effectively and is fantastic for relieving pain in behind the cheeks. Use two fingers and press against these points with your fingers at 90 degrees to the face.

This is a great point for relieving pressure from the Maxillary Sinuses and it helps to improve circulation in the area. Pressing this point regularly also helps to prevent respiratory illnesses.

Pressure Point 3: Bridge Of The Nose

Press with the index fingers at the very top of the nose.

Press with the index fingers at the very top of the nose.

These points are located at the very top of the nose, just at the point where the nose connects to the ridge of the eyebrows.

To activate this point, press in and upwards. I like to press this point for around 5 minutes, but that might be a little long for some of you. You will notice that this is the point you naturally try to press when you have sinus headaches and sure enough, it plays a big part in relieving pressure behind the eyes due to sinusitis and other conditions in the Frontal, Sphenoid and Ethmoid Sinuses. This point also helps to “wake the eyes up” and take some of the pressure off the eyes.

Note: You can experiment pressing the points along the edge of the nose right down to the nostril pressure points. The entire area will likely be sensitive in the case of sinus problems.

Pressure Point 4: Under The Cheeks

Press in and upwards

Press in and upwards.

Located almost directly beneath the pupil, this point can be found by tracing the path underneath the cheek until you find a tender point. The point will likely be quite tender when pressing in and upwards again the cheek.

This point is probably my favourite as it seems to shift the entire face and lead to a pressure release from all of the sinuses as well at the eustachian tubes. It is a fantastic point if you’re experiencing pain or pressure in the Maxillary Sinuses or any pain at all around the cheek area, or even inside the mouth, a toothache for example.

Pressure Point 5: The Philtrum (this is the actual name)

Press into the groove and upwards to activate the point.

Press into the groove and upwards to activate the point.

This is a spot many of you will know. It’s located just under the nose. There is a little groove that you can feel on your upper lip. To activate this point press in and upwards against the base of the nose.

This point is great if you’re about to sneeze or you feel allergies coming on. You can effectively stop them pressing on this point for long enough. After just a few seconds, if you’re clogged up, you’ll feel you sinuses begin to drain down the back of your throat as well.

Pressure Point 6: Eyebrows

This point or rather, area, is located along the ridge of the eyebrow. An old shiatsu technique places pressure along this ridge. Press upwards with your thumbs and slowly move outwards. It’s a great pressure point for relieving pressure behind the eyes.

Check out the sinus pressure points on the neck, arms and hands and legs and feet.

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