Pressure Point Locations

There are a large number of sinus pressure points all over the body. The most commonly used are those on the face, but sinus pressure points also exist on the neck, head, hands, arms, legs and feet, including the fingers and toes. All of these work in accordance with pressure point theory, in that they on meridian lines and when pressed, help to supply the sinus area with qi (energy) and blood flow. When used correctly they are a great way to relieve sinus pressure.

Your sinus pressure points will likely be tender to the touch, at least at first. You shouldn’t look to hurt yourself when pressing the points, but you should expect at least some level of discomfort at first. Don’t worry, it will pass. The pressure points can be pressed for around 5 minutes at a time unless otherwise stated. If you don’t have a huge amount of time, at least a minute should give you some benefits.

The great thing about activating sinus pressure points is that you can feel it happening very quickly. You will begin to feel pressure release and the drainage of your sinuses relatively quickly.

Remember that while these points can be used to maintain, relieve and even prevent sinus conditions, they shouldn’t be used in place of your doctor’s advice and if your problems persist, it can be better to use them in conjunction with other, more traditional treatments and other natural ways to relieve sinus pressure.

Here are the sinus pressure points by region. Check out the points on the face first:

Sinus Pressure Points on the Face

Sinus Pressure Points on the Head and Neck

Sinus Pressure Points on the Arms and Hands

Sinus Pressure Points on the Legs and Feet

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