Pressure Points

The sinus pressure points are just one of many pressure points that can be found all over the body. Pressure points have been used in oriental medicine and martial arts for centuries. There are thought to be roughly 360 – 370 of these points throughout the human body, all of which have their own functions. These points mostly lie along what are known as “meridians”. These can be thought of as energy pathways and make use of the nervous system, sending electrical currents all over the body. The Chinese and Japanese call this energy, “qi” and “ki” respectively. There is a saying in China that you can live for a month without food, a week without water, a minute without air, but you cannot live for a second without “qi”.

Here you can see the meridian that run throughout the human body.

Here you can see the meridians that run throughout the human body.

As the pressure points lie on these meridian or energy pathways, they are useful for regulating how the qi flows. When qi is flowing well, we are healthy, when it is obstructed or there is too much or too little, we begin to have problems.

Acupuncture and acupressure are two medical fields that make use of pressure points, as does reflexology, which makes use of pressure points on the feet. Acupuncture is now a well respected field of medicine in countries all over the world, not just China. Reflexology as well is gaining popularity in China and throughout the world as these are non invasive ways cure disease and regulate health.

As mentioned, pressure points are not solely used to heal but also to harm. Chinese and Japanese martial arts have long targeted pressure points as weak points on the human body with which to strike. There are some systems that solely utilize pressure point striking in combat.

The validity of using pressure points both for medicine and martial purposes has long been questioned, along with ideas of qi and meridian lines. There are currently scientific trials being held all over the world however that are starting to show how western medicine can understand acupuncture and eastern medicine. In my own experience both sinus pressure points and many others have worked wonders for me and those I’ve helped. They are just one way to keep the sinuses clear so it’s important to learn how to relieve sinus pressure using other natural methods as well.

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